Hi! I'm Maisie, The Rainbow Connector

Mom of 2 Teenagers
Academic & Career Coach
National Board Certified Teacher

I'm passionate about helping teens and young adults learn essential skills (like resume writing, interviewing, education & career planning, networking, financial literacy and goal setting) so they can become more independent.

I didn't arrive here overnight, I have almost 20 years of working in a high school setting with neurotypical and neurodivergent students. For the last 8 of those years, I have 
managed the College and Career Research and Development program at the local high school.

My most important roles, however, are as the wife of an awesome husband, and the mother of two amazing teens. 

I am also a Certified Career Services Provider, Certified Life Coach and National Board Certified Teacher with several years of experience as a College & Career Teacher. I can help you with the college application process from beginning to end. I can also support those who are ready to find their next adventure or career. I work on identifying interests and strengths; building executive functioning skills; gaining independence; and exploring education or career options. While I can support anyone, I am particularly interested in supporting people with neurodivergencies in achieving their Career and College goals. 

After 18 years of being an educator, an imperfect mother, the “go-to person” for advice, and a leader in my community, I decided it was time to use my strengths and skills to help others outside of my inner circle. 

Like so many of us felt across the globe, the pandemic was an eye opening experience for me that made me really evaluate what is most important to me today, tomorrow, and ten years down the line. As a result of my time soul-searching, I fine-tuned where to focus my energy, time, and talents, and The Rainbow Connector was born.

Remember that old Peanuts cartoon with Lucy sitting in the lemonade-stand styled “Psychiatric Booth” with a sign that read “the doctor is in”? Well, throughout my life I have felt a lot like Lucy at times. Many days I am surrounded by my high school students at my desk lining up to ask me something…”can you edit my college essay?”, “I have to tell you what happened with __________ (insert name) this weekend,” “my parents were so mad at me this weekend”, and “Ms. Lynch, I have a job interview this week, what should I wear?” are all phrases heard on the daily in my classroom.

In my day job, for the last seven years, I have managed the College and Career Research and Development program at the local high school. This entails guiding juniors and seniors as they figure out their post-secondary plans and embark on their first jobs in the on-the-job training program. In addition to helping them explore their skills and interests, I work on teaching them executive functioning skills; resume writing; how to interview and dress for success; how to manage issues at the workplace; and many other critical skills needed to be successful in the workplace. For those that are college bound, I guide them through the college and financial aid application process, providing support every step of the way.

Another role I have in the County is that of Tutor Lead Teacher. In this role, I manage our very large tutoring program that helps support students with all different needs and accommodations. I also serve as a tutor myself, working one-on-one with kids to help them be successful in school. This may include students on the Autism spectrum, those with ADHD, or, other learning challenges. I also work with neurotypical students but I find that all students learn a little differently and will modify my lessons based on what the student needs.

Prior to becoming a teacher, I spent years in Corporate America before going back to college as a non-traditional student. I spent seven years part-time at the community college while working full-time, navigating it all on my own. Losing my father when I was only 20, left with a mother who suffered from Schizophrenia my whole life, I had to learn how to take care of myself and my 3 siblings. It wasn’t always easy but I managed to finish both my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees and all of my siblings are productive, successful, and compassionate humans. 

Due to my life experiences, I have an exceptional knack for reaching even the hardest to reach people. I am a “doer” and problem solver who steps up when I see an unmet need in my community. I have demonstrated this time and time again in not only my day job as a high school teacher, but also through my work with The Vaccine Hunters - Las Caza Vacunas, and Quaranseams, a mask-making company my family started during the pandemic where we designed, sewed, and donated hundreds of masks to elderly folks and health-care workers.

I consider myself to be a Connector, as described by Malcolm Gladwell in his book “The Tipping Point,” and find great purpose in connecting people with the world around them, whether it be a new friend, a college program, or a potential business partner. I am skilled at and love working with people of all ages and backgrounds. 

In addition, despite a childhood riddled with trauma, instability, and stress, I have a contagiously optimistic attitude about life; a positive outlook on the future; a tremendous amount of grit and determination; and am exceptionally resilient. I recognize that these are my gifts and that I am meant to share them for the betterment of others. I hope that through Rainbow Connector, I can share them with the world. 

I am also certified to administer the MMTIC® (Myers Briggs equivalency for 18 and under) and the Strong Interest Inventory®.

My Policies
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