Write Track Express: Resume Accelerator

A blend of one-on-one coaching and online learning designed to turbo charge your resume. Perfect for high school and college students aiming to stand out in college applications, internships, or their first job!

What's Included:
🎧 Personalized Coaching: Kickstart and wrap up your journey with one-on-one sessions to tailor your resume to perfection.
💻 Online Mastery: Navigate through our engaging self-guided course at your own pace, mastering the art of impactful resume writing.
⭐ From Draft to Dazzle: Start with insights and end with a polished resume that showcases your unique strengths and achievements.
🎯 Ideal For: Students ready to elevate their resumes and unlock new opportunities with clarity, confidence, and impact.
Program Span: Two one-hour coaching sessions + self-paced online course = Your pathway to a standout resume.
💡 Ready to Transform your resume into a door-opening masterpiece? Join "Write Track Express" and set your sights on success!

All this for just $499! Here's the incredible value you'll receive:

🎧2 One-Hour Personalized Coaching Sessions ($250 Value Each)

💻Comprehensive Online Course ($299 Value)

🕒 Unlimited Access to Weekly Virtual Office Hours ($199 Value)

🚪Confidence to Open New Doors (Priceless)

Total Value: $998 - Yours for just $499!

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Why These Skills Are More Important Than Ever Before

Life doesn’t come with a syllabus. And, the job market and educational landscape have changed significantly since us Gen Xers were paving our paths. The prevalence of social media, the growing reliance on computers & the internet, increased globalization, rise of the gig economy, options like remote work, increase in the number and diversity of educational institutions and programs, more student debt, changing skill demands, and a more winding career path are benefits and challenges Gen Z is facing.

But, most schools don't teach the important skills that you need to face the challenges head-on. 

That's where we come in. We’re here to help fill in the gaps with interactive, hands-on, engaging programs to set your teen or young adult on the path towards independence.

Every caring parent/caregiver wants their kids to be "real world" ready. However, let's face it, when our kids are finally old enough to "get it", they tend to tune us (their parents & caregivers) out. This isn't personal, it's scientifically shown that the teenage brain is actually programmed this way. Don't believe me? Read more here!

"Maisie worked with my son, who is a high school student. She helped him identify clubs and courses in high school and college that would allow him to explore his interests. He was very open to their discussion and excited about new opportunities. Her years of experience with teens really came through. Maisie is also very knowledgeable about the career and college resources available to students. I truly appreciated her ability to connect with him!"   -Kate F.
"Working with Maisie and taking the Strong Interest Inventory® helped me to get a clearer sense of my skills and abilities. Since taking the test, I’ve fine-tuned the direction of my career. I highly recommend working with Maisie, she is insightful and passionate about helping others.” 
-Karen M. – Psychotherapist in Private Practice 
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